Star Force Enhancement Calculator

Dynamic calculator using real calculations not simulations.

Calculations courtesy of jeffrey562 - Theory

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Welcome to the all-in-one Star Force Enhancement Calculator. This calculator provides an easy to use interface for working out the expected star force cost of enhancing any item, whether it be a superior or regular item. Once you enter an item level, current number of stars, goal number of stars and whether it is superior or not you will be provided with two values. These two values are expected cost and expected number of destructions. The expected cost value is essentially the average cost to get from current star to goal star. It takes into account all factors when enhancing which are successful enhancements, failed enhancements(maintaining count, dropping count and destructions), as well as 'Chance time'. Similarly the expected number of destructions is worked out. The theory behind how these calculations are done can be found here - provided by jeffrey562

Disclaimer - These are expected values. Although these are calculated values and are as accurate as possible, Star Force is completely down to chance and your results may not reflect the values provided here.




Expected Cost:


Expected Number of Destructions:

{{expectedDestruction}} times

Expected Cost Extension Table

The following table is an extention of the expected cost for the current calculated item. This table shows the expected cost for every current/goal star combo for that item level and type(superior or regular).

Final Star Count

Starting Star Count

{{$index}} {{column === 0 ? '-' : column * levelCost | shortNumber}}